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Create a full-funnel solution with expert Facebook advertising and data-driven retargeting services. With cross-device insight and audience targeting simply unavailable elsewhere, Facebook customer acquisition power now rivals search. We are a proficient Facebook Blueprint Certification partner offering top-notch services to small and big businesses alike with simple month-to-month contracts, à la carte service packages, and flexible budgets.


How to Grow An Audience

Powerful targeting options ensure you’re able to connect with and reach your exact customer.

Over 1 billion daily active users ensure you’re able to reach customers instantly on mobile at the right time of day in a relevant location.

Share your unique story through ad formats such as images, videos, carousels, and canvas ads.

Process Overview


DISCOVERY CALL – Set an appointment for a 45-minute discovery call. We dive into your brand vision, target audience, and objectives to determine opportunities for growth.


DESIGN & CREATIVE – We compose ad copy, create your target audience and create/source image assets.


LAUNCH, SPLIT TEST & OPTIMIZE – We launch your campaign and run with continual split testing and audience refinement and optimization. We refresh Creatives and adjust bidding strategies to maximize ROI on an ongoing basis.

What to Expect

BrandBuilder Consulting has completely changed the game for me. As far as building a reputation, generating new leads, and setting customer appointments, I’ve been able to keep the competitive edge and generate tons of new business with ease! Working in the Health and wellness industry I know just how important it is to continue to stay up to date with my clients and bring them new and upcoming promotions. Through a simple automated campaign, I was able to do just that. Whether you are looking for new clients, new testimonials, or just want the upper hand against your competitor BrandBuilder is not only the best way to go but the most cost-efficient. They were able to work with me through the whole process and help with any questions I had. Give them a call before your competitor does.

J. Denning


ROI focused decision making

An ROI is the fuel that keeps your business engine running. With our mutually incentivized pricing, the better you do, the better we do. Let’s grow your business together.


Accurate & Pinpoint Data-Driven Audience Targeting

It is all about the Data. Get your ads in front of the right people. People who will not just click your ads, but ones that will convert into lifelong customers. Through advanced targeting strategies, we nail down your ideal customer avatar and get your sales at the lowest cost.


Split testing and unlocking your budget's full potential

Every dollar you spend should be considered an investment and spent wisely. We make sure your budget is used to it’s full potential so that we can scale our campaigns and drive you more traffic through careful optimization.


Creatives & Click Through Rate optimization

Get your ads in front of the right people is only part of the battle. We know what hooks the customer and drives interest and curiosity. We know how to get clicks to your website and appointments set. We don’t only a skilled team of designers we also use state of the art software and technology working on your ad images and videos. Your ads will stand out and grab your customer’s attention.



Social Media Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: BONDED PI is a national leader in Beneficiary & Heir Services. Their audience is limited to direct relatives and beneficiaries to specific assets. It would not benefit them to target a general public audience however they needed to create a presence and reputation across several platforms


  • Developed a proprietary technique to integrate verified email contacts with Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads in conjunction with their existing telephonic marketing.
  • Created a cross-platform attribution model to track sales from different campaigns
  • Changed Google and Facebook strategy based on analysis from conversion to prospecting and driving traffic to the company via appointment setting.

Bonded PI

FB Advertising with Data-Driven Retargeting


Bonded PI



We aim to multiply your Business’ Facebook Traffic 10x. We guarantee a positive ROI.

BrandBuilder Consulting is a Facebook Ad Agency that takes great pride in growing businesses. Our Client’s businesses! Our clients have seen impressive growth in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per. By fully managing and optimizing your Facebook account on an ongoing basis we’ll unlock the unlimited potential of paid advertising.


With more than 2.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook has created a tremendous opportunity for any businesses to reach their audiences and deliver resonating messages.

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